Unassembled Caucus to Elect Delegates to Congressional and State Conventions

The Richmond City Democratic Committee will hold an unassembled caucus on Saturday, April 16, 2016, from 12:00-2:00 p.m., at the Capital Area Partnership Uplifting People (CAPUP) Building, 1021 Oliver Hill Way, Richmond, VA 23219, for the purpose of electing delegates and alternates to the 3rd and 7th Congressional District Democratic Convention and the Virginia Democratic State Convention. More information can be accessed in the links below; if you have questions, email richmonddems@gmail.com.

Those wishing their names be placed on the ballot at the Caucus should pre-file their candidacy by April 9, 2016, at 5:00 p.m., with the Richmond City Democratic Committee Chair, James Minor, 900 N 35th St, Richmond, VA 23223, (804) 677-7340, or one of the following designees:

Jamie Nolan, 815 Perry St Apt 314, Richmond, VA 23224, (804) 399-0330
Ben Ragsdale, 3821 Curtis Rd, Richmond, VA 23225, (804) 330-3959
Betty Squire, 1600 N 27th St, Richmond, VA 23223, (804) 225-8331
Mieko Timmons, 929 W Clay St, Richmond, VA 23220, (804) 643-7752
Sandra Antoine, 3714 Moody Ave, Richmond, VA 23225, (804) 690-9119
Eric Payne, 3320 Hanover Ave, Richmond, VA 23221, (804) 928-3949

There is a voluntary administrative fee of $25 requested from each person filing for delegate or alternate. The total maximum voluntary administrative fee is $25 ($10/$5/$10) for the State Convention/Congressional District/Local Committee). No person shall be denied the right to participate in the delegate selection process due to nonpayment of this fee.

RCDC Call to Caucus 2016 – CD3

RCDC Call to Caucus 2016 – CD7

RCDC Caucus Rules – CD3CD7



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