Annual “Dem-O-Que” and Straw Poll

About: RCDC will kick off the summer with our annual Dem-O-Que barbecue and our first-ever. straw poll! The RCDC Straw Poll is your chance to vote as many times as you want for any candidate running in the June 20th Democratic Primary (VA Senate District 14 and VA House District 79. Additional ballots can be purchased online as well as in person and will better ensure your candidates’ claim to victory! Winners of the RCDC Straw Poll will be announced at the end of the Dem-O-Que and included in the post-event press release.

RCDC’s Straw Poll is not a scientific poll, but a fun way for folks to learn about candidates, the Democratic Party, local organizations and to support your local Democratic committee.

Thanks for supporting the RCDC Straw Poll and see you at the Dem-O-Que!

When: Sunday, June 11, 1:00 – 4:00 pm. 

Where: Carillon in Byrd Park

Cost for Admission: $25 ticket for admission (includes food, non-alcoholic drink, and one straw poll ballot; extra straw poll ballots may be purchased for $5)

Cost for Candidates: $500 for an informational table (extra straw poll ballots for supporters may be purchased for $5)

Cost for Vendors $50 for a vendor table.

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