RCDC Officer Candidates 2022-23

Members of Richmond City Democratic Committee will elect officers for the 2022-23 term beginning Thursday, January 6, 2022. The candidate filing period closed on Monday, January 3, 7:30 pm. Below are the candidates that timely filed and their candidate statements.

You can click on the links below to read their candidate statements or scroll the page. Members can contact candidates via email by clicking their name.

You can watch the virtual meeting, and candidate speeches, online by clicking here. Candidate speeches in contested elections have been transcribed and can be accessed with their statements below.

Candidates for Chair
Candidates for First Vice Chair for Organization
Candidates for Second Vice Chair for Finance
Candidates for Third Vice Chair for Voter Registration
Candidates for Secretary
Candidates for Treasurer

Candidates for Chair

Reginald Ford

Our nation and the fundamental principles of democracy are under attack by a slow-moving coup d’etat. We must stave off this Republican juggernaut. I am running for the Chair because as a democrat I believe in individual freedom in the framework of a just society, political freedom in the framework of meaningful participation by all citizens. As democrats, we must be decisive, oriented, and march as one. Our future voices must be characterized by concise forceful statements of strength. These statements must inspire people to become energized, undaunted, and fearless in the face of adversity. I believe I am the person to effectively deliver such a message. Reginald Ford Candidate Speech

Jewel Gatling

I am seeking the role of RCDC Chair to continue the work this committee has done within our city, while realizing change is needed. We are in a time now that requires those to lead outside the box. I was the Founder and Chair of the Suffolk Young Democrats for 3 years, prior to moving to Richmond 5 years ago. Since becoming a citizen of this amazing city I have had the opportunity to LISTEN FIRST, to those who have been here for generations and have amplified their needs.

I have volunteered and participated in RCDC events since moving here in 2017, to include state and local campaigns. I currently serve on the Maggie L. Walker Citizens Advisory Board and was a proud member of the Richmond City Taskforce for the Establishment of a Civilian Review Board. RCDC can be the model for other Democratic Committees in the Commonwealth by focusing on more than just politics, but providing civic engagement to communities that are often ignored or taken for granted. It is our time to move beyond the political chamber and get into the streets. In the words of my role model and Democratic Civil Rights Leader Fannie Lou Hamer “When I liberate myself, I liberate others. If you don’t speak out ain’t nobody going to speak out for you” It is time that we utilize this committee to liberate others. Jewel Gatling Candidate Speech

First Vice Chair for Organization

Morgan Wilds

Happy New Year, RCDC! My name is Morgan Wilds, 2nd Ward member, and community organizer. It is with great enthusiasm that I announce my candidacy for the First Vice Chair for Organization.

I have had the privilege of serving as the 2nd Ward Chair, beginning in 2020. This opportunity has afforded me an in depth understanding of the support structures that our Ward Chairs and Precinct Captains need to be successful.

As Ward Chair, you are responsible for recruiting membership, supporting programming and voter registration efforts in your ward, managing precinct captains and staffing polling locations on election day. This work is critical to the success of the committee and I am prepared by my own experience to support our Ward Chairs as First Vice Chair. In 2021, I successfully collaborated with fellow ward chairs to schedule citywide candidate forums during the primaries with both our local and statewide candidates. Amongst a pandemic, I have ensured our members received regular communication on committee happenings, including both in-person and virtual gatherings. It has been a pleasure to ensure our ward members were engaged and supportive of the work our committee does. I find great joy in helping folks find their voices, uplifting them and our community. If given the opportunity, I will work to ensure every Ward has the necessary support to succeed. We’ve got quite the road ahead of us, and I look forward to working with you all in the fight to bring back a Democratic Majority to Virginia!

Second Vice Chair for Finance

Garrett Sawyer

My name is Garrett Sawyer, and I am excited to announce my filing for the Second Vice Chair for Finance. As a lifelong and dedicated Democrat, I have spent 20+ years working to help democrats locally and statewide get elected. I grew up as an engaged 5th District resident serving as a dedicated member to local organizations such as the Richmond Virginia Branch NAACP, Richmond Together, Richmond Crusade for Voters, Northside Coalition for Children (holds the Annual Back to School Rally), and the RCDC.

The reason I decided to add my name for consideration is that we are entering into critical times as a Democratic Party. More specifically, I find that we must galvanize and ensure that our amazing candidates are elected to office. This is where, I feel, my experience in fundraising and budget comes into play. In my career, I have helped develop and manage multi-million-dollar budgets for mid to large size organizations. In my capacity of many nonprofits, I have also assisted with management of budgets, audit committees, and development of fundraising efforts to yield necessary dollars for organizational initiatives. Lastly, I currently serve as the Finance Chair for the Board of Trustees for the Richmond Public Library. In that capacity I am working very hard to campaign City Council to ensure necessary dollars are allocated to our public libraries. What I can guarantee to you is that I will work very hard to ensure the committee is setup to support candidates the best way possible in the coming years.

In partnership, Garrett Sawyer

Third Vice Chair for Voter Registration

Jonette Meade Barley

My name is Jonette Meade Barley, and I am running to serve as our RCDC Third Vice Chair for Voter Registration. I am currently serving as the Fourth Ward chair for RCDC. In my professional life, I am a resident of Richmond working for the City of Richmond.

I am currently serving as a member of the Virginia Women’s Caucus since April 2018 and served on their endorsement committee. I have served as a State Delegate for VADEMS in 2020, I am a member of the National Women’s Political Caucus, currently serving as a member on the social action committee with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated as well as with the NPHC/National Pan-Hellenic social action committee. I am a founding member of the Ladies in Blue – VA PAC. Delegate Lashrecse Aird, of the 63rd District recently appointed me to serve as the 4th Congressional District Liaison to the Women’s Caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia.

I believe I can make a difference by registering voters of all walks of life from all corners of Richmond. Nothing is more important than having access to the ballot, and then making the most of that access. I am especially interested in reaching out to underrepresented communities of potential voters, and plan to organize voter registration events at a wide variety of locations throughout the City of Richmond to encourage the broadest possible representation.

So cast your VOTE for Jonette! Someone who is uniquely positioned to make an impact as the RCDC Third Vice Chair for Voter Registration productivity and long-term success, with my powerful vision of bringing purpose into the people equation to promote healthy, productive, and meaningful community relationships. Jonette Meade Barley Candidate Speech

Theresa Kennedy

I am running for Third Vice Chair because I believe in the RCDC and the important role it plays in organizing locally and, especially, in getting out the vote and registering voters. I believe strongly that we are better together, that when we work together and listen to one another we are able to elect Democrats who will fight for equity, justice, and who will work to ensure that no Democratic voices in this city are silenced. As Third Vice Chair, I will work with the Executive Committee and ward chairs to organize an all out push for registration targeted especially at college students, persons who have lost rights, Latinos, and first time voters. Theresa Kennedy Candidate Speech


Bryan Green

My name is Bryan Green, and I am running to serve as RCDC Secretary. I am currently serving as the Fifth Ward chair for RCDC. In my professional life, I am the Director of Historic Preservation for Commonwealth Architects here in Richmond. I am interested in serving as RCDC Secretary and believe my professional skills as a project manager transfer well to the work of the RCDC Secretary. I believe I can make a difference by maintaining accurate membership records, creating reliable meeting minutes, and giving timely notice of RCDC events. I hope to have the opportunity to serve as RCDC Secretary to support our larger goals of helping to elect good Democrats, promoting fellowship within RCDC, and working towards unity within in the Democratic Party.


Gary Huff

My name is Gary Huff, and I am want to serve as the Treasurer for RCDC. Currently, I am serving as the first ward chair for RCDC. Professionally, I am a CPA and working as the controller for Bennington College. I am interested in serving as the RCDC Treasurer as the position aligns with my professional skill set, and I want to put these skills to use for the betterment of RCDC. As Treasurer, I would see that all compliance filings are submitted timely, financial reports to RCDC are accurate, and ensure our financial resources are leveraged to support the election of Democratic candidates.